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Google Earth Pro v6.0.2.2074 + Crack 2012

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Google Earth - a fresh assembly of the popular client software to work with three-dimensional model of the Earth, created on the basis of high resolution satellite images. Ability to use the original zoom (sometimes down to individual houses), and much more, including the identification of the origin of property. Map can be rotated to any angle, most of the maps - these are ordinary 2D-pictures, but some objects (settlements) are presented in the form of three-dimensional models. Google Earth gives you a wealth of photographic, geographic and astronomical information. With it, you can visit many different parts of the world and the cosmos, whether the island of Maui, Paris and the Milky Way, and view content from Wikipedia, National Geographic, images obtained with Hubble Space Telescope, and much more.
Google Earth Plus lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places and share with others.

Sophisticated streaming technology delivers the data to you as you need it.
Imagery and 3D data depict the entire earth - Terabytes of aerial and satellite imagery depict cities around the world in high-resolution detail.
Local search lets you search for restaurants, hotels, and even driving directions. Results show in your 3D earth view. Easy to layer multiple searches, save results to folders, and share with others.
Layers show parks, schools, hospitals, airports, retail, and more.
Overlays – import site plans, design sketches and even scanned blueprints.
Annotate the view with lines and polygons.
Spreadsheet import - ingest up to 2,500 locations by address or lat/lon.
KML – data exchange format let your share useful annotations.

Use it for:

Planning a trip
Getting driving directions
Finding a house or apartment
Finding a local business
Exploring the world

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